Charming London – Oldest of the World’s Great Cities

Home to a notable population of 9.3 million within a diverse and vibrant metropolis, London’s compelling urban landscape encapsulates nearly two millennia of rich history, and to no doubt this extraordinary city offers experiences and lifestyles unlike anywhere else. Take a trip down to South Kensington to marvel at world-class museums and spend a day learning about dinosaur fossils, or head to Buckingham Palace to witness iconic personal property of the monarch that are open to the public.

Fig.1: Exploring London’s Finest

Due to its strategic geographic location and being one of the world’s financial centres, London has evolved to be home to globally recognized banks, businesses and renowned brands that has catalysed a huge amount of opportunities for the rest of the country. Steeped in history with buzzing energy, along with its entrancing culture and links to Europe, it is an exciting place to live, work and play, and undoubtedly one of the top cities in the world to invest. London becomes a city of ideas, and a pioneer and innovator of art and culture.

Fig.2: London’s Diverse Neighbourhoods

Nurturing a Dynamic and Compelling Metropolitan City

Undoubtedly, several key drivers of success have been identified for London’s continuous expansion as one of the world’s global capital, and for it to remain as one of the most ideal cities to live in.

With its strong track record, excellent infrastructure, transparent legal system and world class education system, London continues to form an exciting and attractive backdrop for real estate investments, and one of the top destinations for not only Singaporeans but also property investors worldwide.

Complemented with a reliable and hassle-free purchasing process, these key factors spurred international attention to London as an ideal investment location. The decisive consideration is that international investors can be confident of their investments and returns in the long run due to the enforceability of their purchasing rights, and the constant demand allows for easy exit strategies.

Fig.3: Singaporean’s Top 5 Cities for Overseas Property Investment

As seen from the graph, London is ranked as the most popular choice for overseas property investments for Singaporeans in 2019, which can be pertained from the aforementioned success drivers that makes London so great.

Buying in London Made Simple

The process of buying a property in London is much simplified and reliable as compared to other competing locations, and this process is mainly broken down into seven key steps. When considering for a reliable partner to manage your property, Knight Frank offers key services to ensure that your unit is well-leased and well-maintained to guarantee you a peace of mind.

Fig. 4: Keystones in Making an Overseas Property Investment

London remains as an ideal choice for overseas property investors to park their money in and remains as an elusive option that still has much potential to grow and further evolve. The city’s built environment continues to advance to suit modern lifestyle demands, but not compromising its rich history and flavourful cultures. There are many up-and-coming neighbourhoods, such as Brentford and Westham, that the world can look forward to that will further translate quintessential living in London.

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