Remote working has been growing as a prominent lifestyle trend throughout the world, birthing the concept of Digital Nomadism. This modern way of life includes a population of independent workers who choose to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely in any location in the world.

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Digital Nomadism: A New Way of Life

Recent research shows us that almost 4.8 million global independent workers describe themselves as digital nomads, and with the lifestyle and market shifts, we can definitely expect this number to rise drastically in the future. Considerably, there are many factors that contribute to an independent worker’s ability to become digital nomads, such as the availability of flexible and co-living and working spaces; the growth of online talent marketplaces; digital nomad tour services; and the availability of useful information online for both nomads and travelers.

Once a rural farmland, Bali is now a flourishing economy that ranks as one of the top destinations for digital nomads to reside in while venturing their creative pursuits, effectively diversifying the demographics within the tropical paradise. The knock-on effect is continued growth and rapid expansion of Bali’s economy, which has led to the creation of new jobs and buoyed investment activities. The tourism boom and foreign influx also catalyzed Bali’s transformation into one of Indonesia’s wealthiest regions and one of the hottest property investment hotspots in recent years.

Keynotes on Indonesia and Bali’s Growth

Logically, a higher engagement of tourism would indicate a stronger level of foreign interest and generate a more significant pool of investments into the region, which could further propel development for the city. This explains why Indonesia (especially Bali), is such a hotspot for hospitality investments, with its urban landscape evolving to accommodate more hotels, F&B options and tourist attractions.  Foreign companies regard Jakarta as a city that cannot be ignored, with its strong prospect for the next 10 years to come. Occurrences such as the expansion of international hotel operators into Indonesia’s borders is a definitive indicator for the potential of the country. In fact, top-class hotel operators such as Singapore’s Meritus and Langham Hospitality Group have expanded into Indonesia, with much of its focus being on the Island of Gods – Bali.

A Digitalised and Dynamic Bali

The world is experiencing a phenomenon like never before – digitalisation connects everyone seamlessly, and Indonesia is keen own taking advantage of this opportunity. Bali is poised as a conducive environment for many professions such as writers, programmers, designers, website developers photographers, translators, internet marketers, and IT consultants who are able to do work from anywhere. The island offers them easy access to the digital tools, social connections and talent pool and lifestyle that is relevant to the digital trade, which effectively cultivates a new demographic within Bali’s borders. This brought forward many new lifestyle demands which we can witness in a new interpretation of retail options, living spaces and working environments.

If you have ever fantasized living the digital nomad life in Bali, here is our top list of considerations to make, and why this little cool neighbourhood in Bali, Canggu, should be on everyone’s number one choice.


Bali offers an impressive standard of online connectivity that is widely accessible island-wide for anyone and everyone. For a digital nomad, the internet connectivity and its accessibility is directly proportional to your work experience. The good news is that most cafes, restaurants, beach clubs, boutiques, living spaces and even the beaches in Canggu offers high-speed connectivity that allows you to work anywhere and everywhere you can possibly imagine. You can pretty much stream videos, attend online meetings, run webinars, upload content without any restrictions. Need to upload a YouTube video while chilling by Batu Bolong Beach? Not a problem.


Canggu recognizes that there is a growing demand for spaces that offers a conducive working environment and suitable homes to cater to these digital entrepreneurs which significantly influenced the urban fabric in this cool neighbourhood.

There is a wide selection of restaurants, cafes and coworking spaces that offer a productive spot to enjoy a healthy, yet affordable meal and comfortable seats for anyone to jump online.  Dojo, a co-working space in Canggu, is as cool as the crowds it attracts. There you can find bloggers and app developers, to jewellers, artists and bikini designers, Dojo is the community hub for Canggu’s young and inspiring. Nestled within a lush tropical garden, the space is a stunning two-storey venue just a stone’s throw away from the world-famous Echo Beach that hosts daily workshops, think-tanks, skill sharing sessions, networking events, social meetups and community BBQs. Go out of your comfort zone to meet someone new and have unforgettable conversations you cannot find anywhere else.

Quality of Life

Since 2013, Canggu has taken a transformative adaptation in terms of lifestyle offerings and the quality of its built environment. Restaurants serving a variety of cuisines, aesthetic cafes, health food stores, trendy boutiques, yoga sanctuaries, preppy spa outlets, surf hangouts and cool bars have mushroomed over the years, largely fuelled by the wave of Digitalpreneurs enjoying a utopian alternative lifestyle in this laid-back tropical paradise. Staying in Canggu, a stone’s throw away from the beach, allows you to enjoy a morning surf before returning home for the day, enjoying spontaneous dips in the pool to cool down.

Cost of Living

In terms of living expenses, Bali comes in at one of the most cost-effective places in the world for digital nomads. Canggu tops the ‘Nomad List’ database, with a Nomad score of 4.7/5 and average monthly living expenses of US$1,265 per month that can have you living comfortably and generously.


Opportunities for digital nomads are limitless and exciting in Bali, as this new demographic effectively grew a creative cluster hub within the island. Growing and establishing your own brand could have better chances, as you can conveniently pick up skills from the creative cluster and collaborate with people from all around the world. Suitable chain suppliers or creative partners can also be found more easily amongst this talent pool. You basically have everything you need in your backyard to grow your brand.

What we love about Bali is how dynamic this island is – the fantastic weather all year round, plenty of lifestyle options, great food and company, with insights from people all around the world doing different professions. It has a great mix of culture, fun and networking opportunities that are relevant to a digital nomad. Be it for a holiday, a destination wedding, co-working or savvy property investments, Bali is among one of the top choices one would make.

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