Fig.1: The Brentford Project, Waterfront Living

Living amidst one of London’s most vibrant and extensive Green Corridor spaces and in-between the iconic River Thames and River Brent, the everyday life of a resident in The Brentford Project is exciting and dynamic. Bringing luxury, quality and functionality closer to the up-and-coming neighbourhoods of West London, placemaking and connectivity are some of the main focuses in nurturing an integrated and holistic development such as The Brentford Project.

Tranquil Mornings Full of Vibrancy: Life in The Brentford Project

Imagine yourself waking up on a peaceful morning with soft rays gently filtering into your apartment, while admiring the vast greenery from your windows, appreciating the Arcadian dream of peace and pleasure. A quick stroll from home can transcend you from the bustling streets of West London to a botanical beauty, St. Lawrence Park, where you can join your friends to a rejuvenating yoga class in the park.

Fig.2: The Brentford Project, Morning Interior

Fig.3: High Street along The Brentford Project

Shop by High Street, Work by Chiswick

Pop by the nearby High Street, Brentford’s place-to-be, to grab a hearty breakfast together and share some fun conversations before heading to work at Chiswick Business Park, which is a quick 5-minute bike ride away.

Remember the Smells, Sounds and Waterfront Night Views

End your day alongside the iconic River Thames with your favourite alfresco restaurant together with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful waterfront night views and live music that Brentford has to offer. Appreciate the sounds, the weather, the night views, the ambience and experience London like no other.

Fig.4: Alfresco dining by the canals

This is the new translated quintessential way of British living, where commerce, community and the built environment are bound together to provide a well-connected and high-quality lifestyle right at the doorstep of your home. All elements of Brentford are essential in celebrating the creative diversity of the town with new venues and spaces that can establish a bold platform to facilitate a holistic live, work, play and shop lifestyle and enhance the lives of residents and visitors in this proud West London community.

Re-interpreting The Quintessential way of British Living

The Brentford Project is part of a multi-billion-pound regeneration programme for West London, which aims to create a more inviting and stimulating town centre for pedestrians and cyclists that is well-complemented by a plethora of modern amenities and lifestyle options. Well-connected, it is a short 5-minute walk from Brentford Station and a quick 15-minute tube ride to Heathrow Airport. While you can enjoy the natural landscapes around Brentford, there are efficient transport links that bring you closer to Central London, and other major landmarks in the city. Surrounding neighbourhoods such as Notting Hill, Chiswick and Fulham are affluent and desirable, to provide high-quality catchment market, and for Brentford to enjoy its ripple effect.

Fig.5: Map of West London

Within the regeneration project, there are several key points that are spearheading a reimagined Brentford. Based off on a 11.83 acre of development, it aims to promote a luxurious canal-side living, that is well supported by public spaces and other lifestyle amenities.

Fig. 6: Key Facts on the Regeneration of Brentford

There are five main components that characterizes the future and remembers the history of Brentford, namely; Brentford Highstreet, The Riverside, St. Lawrence Garden, and The Apartments.

Fig. 7: The Brentford Project Development Map

Brentford will see the transformation of its High Street, which brings new retailers and new life to this long-established street, through the addition of one of Britain’s best-known supermarkets and a diversity of options to shop for essentials, to grab coffee, or look for new offerings from major retailers. It will become a place where people take time to enjoy and create meaningful memories, all within moments of the riverside, and the water’s edge cafes down at the dock.

Fig. 8: Brentford’s Bustling and Tasteful High Street

Fig. 9: Waterfront Living by Brentford

Serenity in St. Lawrence Gardens

St. Lawrence Gardens serves as a sanctuary for the local community, being home to the existing mature trees and open spaces. A beautiful open-air pool and a series of open walkways create a modern cloister, along with a state of the art members-only gym, spa and treatment rooms offer the highest level of wellness and relaxation.

Fig. 10: St. Lawrence Gardens

Functional and Beautiful Unit Designs

Fig.11: The Apartments in The Brentford Project

Offering Studio, 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom apartments, The Brentford Project connects you to the open panorama of London, while offering simple and contemporary frames to maximise on the abundance of light and space within the apartments. Designed with the core idea of beauty and function, the modern aesthetic creates a canvas for personal touches.

Fig. 12: Projected Travel Timings – The Brentford Project

Convenience At its Finest

Brentford would have exciting and promising plans in place for it to become the next creative key neighbourhood, be it its convenient location to the bustling and vibrant High Streets for everyday shopping, or its proximity to Chiswick Business Park, home to some of the world’s most successful brands such as Sony, Sky and GSK, or the fact that it is an easy 15-minute drive to Heathrow Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports with more than 400 businesses in the area. Brentford will grow to become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods within West London.

Fig.13: Companies located within Chiswick Business Park

Get Access to World Class Education 

It is a powerhouse of education, with schools and universities delivering learning and development at the highest of standards. The Brentford Project remains as an excellent location for local and expatriate families who wish to send their children to some of London’s best schools.

Fig. 14: Education Map, The Brentford Project

The Brentford Project offers the best of all worlds – luxurious waterfront living, connectivity, access to an abundance of public spaces, a sustainable and steady catchment area, premium and convenient access to amenities, and convenience to some of London’s best schools. Within the regeneration plans for Brentford, this residential development will serve as a pioneering move to catalyse the neighbourhood into local and international spotlight and become a highly coveted home for locals and foreigners looking to stay in West London.

Be Part of The New and Stylish Way of British Living

Undeniably, West London is bound to experience a significant amount of growth and changes in the next few years, where the modern built environment and demands would have to complement with its history and past.

Neighbourhoods like Brentford would be crucial in playing the part of shifting traditional Victorian British lifestyles into a modern and decentralised way of living that is highly coveted and desirable by locals and foreigners. Complemented by convenience, the scenic waterfront views will catapult Brentford into one of the main living quarters in London.

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