Oh London! The familiar British culture, the beautiful landmarks steeped in history, the exciting lifestyle spaces, the Queen! The sheer amount of stuff that happens in London makes everywhere else in the UK dull by comparison. Whatever this London-ness is, it’s something Singaporeans want a piece of, and it may be why the property market continues to be a hot favourite. In fact, the UK Land Registry reported that Singaporean investors were among the top 10 buyers in London in 2018.

If just the mention of living in London sets you drooling, wait till you hear about this £9 billion project. Of all the exciting new property developments coming up, the Battersea project might just be one of the most exciting and innovative mixed-use neighbourhoods in the world. London’s calling, as the famous song goes. And so are our 5 undeniable reasons why Prince of Wales Drive should be home to your beautiful new address in London.

1. Wake up to beautiful Battersea Park at your doorstep

We all love having a breath of fresh air from our beloved Botanic Gardens from time to time. After all, what’s not to love about some beautiful greenery and wide open spaces in our bustling city? Well, as a resident of our Prince of Wales Drive development, these picturesque nature views can become part of your daily routine with lovely Battersea Park right next to home.

Simply step out and admire the seasonal changes of one of the finest parks in London. You’ll be greeted by 200 acres of wide, open space right beside the famous River Thames and lush greenery all around. Whether it’s Sunday brunches by the lakeside cafe or some weekend fun by the children’s zoo, there’s plenty to keep the family entertained with the wonderful facilities and events in the neighbourhood.

2. Eat, shop, work and play all within exciting Battersea Power Station

Englishmen, and people around the world, also find it hard to deny the magnetism of Apple. Battersea Power Station will soon be home to Apple’s new European headquarters and within easy reach of all that London has to offer. Creating 30,000 new jobs, these soon-to-be employees will be all set for some after-work relaxation with a 2000-seater cinema and London’s third-largest shopping centre standing at 700,000 square feet in the area.

The transformation of the iconic Battersea Power Station will deliver one of the biggest, most vibrant retail destinations in London, offering a diverse selection of over 100 shops, 20 cafés and restaurants, and a street food market. A new pedestrianized high street, ‘Electric Boulevard’, coupled with a six-acre park and cultural spaces will be yours to revel in.

3. Stroll along scenic River Thames with modern retail offerings in the vicinity

If you haven’t already heard of River Thames, you’ll definitely want to hear about this scenic spot that makes for every city dweller’s dream. It’s perfect for romantic night time walks, and just by crossing the bridge over the river, you’re conveniently back into the city for all your modern needs.

Just across the bridge, you’ll find a dazzling array of shops, cafés and bistros that have been given a vibrant boost as part of wider regeneration efforts, spoiling tourists and locals alike with the variety of retail offerings along the streets. Collectively, these retail establishments form a gleaming new town centre that stands out from the more traditional architecture in the area, creating a pleasing aesthetic that retains its distinct charm.

Despite the attractiveness of all that Prince of Wales Drive has to offer, you will be pleased to hear that the gross value of an apartment here costs relatively less at an average of £1,350 per square foot, as compared to nearby residential towers in the vicinity that costs £3,000 per square foot.

4. Stay as well-connected within the transport hub

Every smart property buyer knows that accessibility is key. What if we told you that conveniently placed underground and overground train stations are a mere 5-minute walk from your new home? Oh, and not to forget that the Northern Line Extension, set for completion by 2021, will also help you get to key areas like the City and West End within a quick 10-minute ride.

For families with bright, prospective undergraduates, we’ve got more good news for you. The abovementioned Battersea Power Station can be a direct commute to famous schools and universities along the Northern Line, such as Kings College University, London School of Economics and Imperial College London.

5. Experience world-class living created by leading developer, Berkeley Group

It’s not an understatement that Prince of Wales Drive will redefine world-class, fine living. After all, the team behind this exquisite development consists of top architects Squire & Partners who have conceived the plans for Prince of Wales Drive as a collection of contemporary apartments centered around landscaped gardens, providing a new visual landmark for Battersea.

In addition, landscape architects, Gillespies have designed a tranquil landscape that will be beautiful by day and stunning by night to inspire and allow residents to feel at home in the wide 2.5 acres of open space in the compound.

And it doesn’t stop there. The attention to detail continues inside your new home. World-renowned interior designers Muza Lab have been influenced by the industrial heritage of the area and the park, combining these to create distinctive and striking interiors, establishing a palette of materials and colours that uniquely belong to Prince of Wales Drive.

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