Living in modern times, it would be almost unbelievable if you don’t have the basic amenities, like a convenience store, in the vicinity. However, homeowners are now asking for more. Beyond the basics, there’s a rising demand for properties that ticks all the checkboxes for all our leisure, work and educational needs, especially with the new ways of living from the pandemic.

In response, the property market has moved quickly to meet these needs through regeneration schemes that transform untapped plots of land into vibrant living spaces. Eagle-eyed investors have already caught on and are on the hunt for such large-scale regeneration projects set for great returns.

With the launch of the new TwelveTrees Park development in London, investors are once again getting excited. Here’s 6 reasons why it marks itself as a prime investment choice for property buyers out there.

1. Live, Work, Play – all in the convenience of your neighbourhood

While we’ve always valued the convenience of shopping malls and recreational spaces, having these near to home have become essential in the new normal, especially when the dynamic scenery can help with cabin fever.

Berkeley’s plans for TwelveTrees Park take on a mixed-use approach to offer quality living, working and playing all within the neighbourhood. With 3,838 new homes, it’s designed to build a brand new community with 250,000 square feet of retail and leisure spaces.

At the same time, homeowners get to enjoy 12 acres of landscaped park and courtyard gardens with resident facilities like a 24-hour concierge, gymnasium and business lounge. Be it recreational spaces for the family or a fun day of leisure and entertainment, there’s always something to do in the neighbourhood if you’re up for it.

Also, as part of the regeneration masterplan, the East London Science School will be relocating to TwelveTrees Park.

Boasting of comprehensive facilities like high-technology labs, dedicated experiment studios, and a lecture theatre with a seating capacity of 275pax, the East London Science School will be a prime institution to attract future talents and renowned industry experts.

2. Invest in population growth 

Newham has been attracting many new homeowners over the years due to location, connectivity and relatively cheaper prices. With regeneration, it will mean new infrastructure and amenities which further enhance the desirability for locals to move to Newham and increase the demand for new builds in the vicinity. Considering that such modern conveniences is becoming a key focus for many homeowners, it’s no surprise then, that Newham’s population is expected to grow in the next decade to more than 350,000 which is good news for all property investors.

Moving forward, we’ll probably see more buyers leaning towards properties like TwelveTrees Park and it’s all the more important for property investors to recognise these trends to make better choices.

3. Experience short, easy commutes with seamless connectivity

Getting to your desired destination in a snap is a dream for every city dweller, especially for the typical busy Londoner. With that in mind, the existing transport infrastructure might excite residents.

West Ham Station is already a busy transport hub today with 5 train lines running through the station every single day. A brand new entrance to the station will be constructed as part of the TwelveTrees Park masterplan to better serve all residents.

Commuting will be a breeze when your station is as well-connected as West Ham’s. Get to morning coffee meetings at Canary Wharf, one of the main financial centres in UK and the world in only 7 minutes, or shop at The Westfield in Stratford, the second largest shopping centre in the capital located, in just a 3-minute ride. With Canary Wharf and Stratford sitting on the upcoming Crossrail Line, getting there will just take one direct tube ride.

4. Add your personal touch with bespoke interior design styles

We all love the opportunity to customise our homes but an extreme variety of design choices can be difficult for many of us who simply can’t figure out interior decorations.

The ideal solution? Bespoke interior design style palettes. Take your pick from four different styles catered to your living needs while ensuring that your home has that elegant and modern touch.

If you’re also keen on complementing the interiors with a panoramic outdoor view, Evergreen Point, one of the tallest residential towers at TwelveTrees Park, standing at 33 storeys tall might catch your eye. It offers a selection of studios, penthouses, and 1-3 bedroom apartments with amazing panoramic views of London’s finest greenery and sights.

5. Look forward to great potential returns

As TwelveTrees Park enters its early sale period, there is no better time than now to lock in the lowest prices and gain a first-mover advantage from investing in the early stages of its construction, as we have explained previously. That aside, the growth potential is another alluring factor that’s got many investors excited.

Over the past 10 years, the House Price Index for homes in the Newham area has grown by 93.7% (refer to chart above) even higher than London’s average. For large-scale regeneration projects like these, there lies plenty of opportunities and room for greater price growth as we develop them, especially for the West Ham district strategically located near key financial centre, Canary Wharf.

Source: The Guardian

Property investors and homeowners are increasingly eyeing Newham as their next choice property, and for good reasons. This up-and-coming area has one of the steepest increases in housing prices with a record average leap of 429 per cent. Location, connectivity, amenities and greenery – you name it, Newham has it.

6. Bask in beautiful nature with a world-class park at your doorstep

Enjoying beautiful nature views is something we’ve all grown to appreciate after months of staying in. Indeed, it is a luxury to be able to retreat into nature and take in the fresh, open air with lovely flora and fauna all around.

That’s why 55% of the site is dedicated to open, green landscaped gardens at TwelveTrees Park. Think al fresco weekend brunches and lovely jogs in the park – the possibilities are endless and all within the convenience of your neighbourhood.

Trust our commitment to quality

We hear people’s wishes for a better living experience in the city, and we want to make it happen.

Designed with you in mind, TwelveTrees Park is created to build sustainable communities for people to stay connected with nature, leisure and different parts of the city. It’s time to bring the modern living experience to the next level.

Let’s transform how we live, work, and play, starting with TwelveTrees Park today. To find out more on the development, chat with us on WhatsApp, and simply fill up the form below and one of our friendly Knight Frank advisors will get in touch with you. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and insights on the international residential market.

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