Property investing has always been popular in Singapore, especially with the testimonials of successful investors who have struck their first pot of gold, prompting many others to hop onto this lucrative venture.

But what about overseas property investing?

With less saturated markets, investing in overseas properties is one of the best ways to divest one’s portfolio for more steady gains at lower risk. Despite this, it is understandably intimidating for investors unfamiliar with foreign markets. If you’re looking to invest in properties overseas, here are some factors for your consideration.

Fig. 1 – Consideration factors when buying a property overseas

Of these, buying from a trustworthy developer is one of the most important things to note since they play a huge role in the development process from start to finish.

With that in mind, read on to find out more about this excellent investment opportunity, spearheaded by London’s leading developer, St George, a member of an FTSE 100 company.

Meet West London, the top investor hotspot with a stable market and rising property prices

There are many properties around the world that are available, but if you speak to some of the most seasoned investors, London is a city that often comes up. The London real estate market has been consistently stable over the past 20 years, even through political and economic uncertainty, providing hesitant buyers a safe avenue into the overseas market that’s secure and profitable.

Fig. 2 – Chart illustrating rising housing price index in London across the past 20 years

West London, in particular, is one of the top investor hotspots with well-furnished neighbourhoods and exciting regeneration plans underway to maximise its potential as a global destination. One of them, as you may have heard, is the famous Chelsea district, a vibrant waterside community near the River Thames.

Think the iconic ION Orchard of Singapore – Chelsea is home to luxury brands, renowned Michelin restaurants, and even the popular Chelsea Football Club! Endless high-end boutiques, fine dining and antique art – in essence, the finest that London has to offer.

Fig. 3 – Top attractions in the vibrant Chelsea neighbourhood

But for keen investors, you’ll really want to hear about this gem within Chelsea – Chelsea Creek, where the same world-class experience applies.

Introducing Chelsea Creek, an exciting, premium development spearheaded by St. George.

Fig. 4 – Bird’s-eye view of Chelsea Creek

Housed in London’s most fashionable neighbourhood, Chelsea Creek is perfect for the modern city dweller. Made to let you live, work and play within the vicinity, connectivity is one of its best selling points. Residents can conveniently walk to Imperial Wharf Station and Fulham Broadway Station, just 4 minutes and 14 minutes away respectively.

Getting to popular attractions like Hyde Park, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and King’s Road? A 24-minute drive away.

Spontaneous plans to picnic by the magnificent River Thames? All it takes is a 7-minute stroll. Besides such perks, past data has also shown that residences near waterfronts or green spaces can fetch a much higher resale price.

But the benefits don’t just stop there, from luxurious amenities to award-winning design, Chelsea Creek is a dream for any investor or resident.

Fig. 5 – Chelsea Creek specifications

Accessible location near world-class educational institutions.

Going full circle to provide a premium experience, Chelsea Creek connects you to a wide range of world-class educational institutions.

To name a few, established primary schools like Eaton Square School and secondary schools like St. Paul’s School is all within proximity. Prestigious universities like King’s College, Imperial College or London School of Economics are also just a 30-minute tube ride away (see below for list of schools nearby).

Fig. 6 – Educational institutions near Chelsea Creek

Experience fine living with a scenic waterside setting of your choice.

Just as the neighbourhood is beautifully designed, residences at Chelsea Creek are of no exception. With the quality assurance from St George, take your pick from the two latest launches in the area – The Imperial and Westwood House, each with its own unique style and flair.

Take in breathtaking panoramic views of the River Thames at The Imperial.

Standing at 30 storeys, you’ll be greeted by a stunning city skyline with a clear, unobstructed view of River Thames at The Imperial. Fresh air, tranquility and more importantly, your private sanctuary to spectate all of the city’s action – what’s not to love?

Fig. 7 – The Imperial

Fig. 8 – The Imperial (Kitchen)

All 157 units at The Imperial are also well-furnished, and decked in a luxurious designer palette of your choice. Rest assured that the apartment will look as beautiful as the view outside, with contemporary elements creating a comfortable, deluxe space for all your needs.

Unwind with drinks while admiring the charming waterways and greenery of London.

Picture this – an exclusive view of London’s iconic canal waterways and landscaped gardens from your balcony, perfect to go with some drinks to unwind for the day.

Fig. 9 – Westwood House

Showcasing another facet of London’s beauty, Westwood House is another excellent property within Chelsea Creek. Staying in one of the 112 units here will definitely be a refreshing experience for busy Londoners caught in the city’s daily hustle and bustle.

On the inside, you will once again be provided with the convenience of choosing from different design palettes to create a sophisticated space without the hassle of additional interior consultants.

Fig. 10 – Westwood House (Bathroom from Claridge Collection’s design palette)

Indulge in exclusive world-class facilities only accessible to residents.

Of course, a world-class living experience is incomplete without exclusive facilities made for residents’ wellbeing. Rebalance your mind and body with Chelsea Creek’s spa and fitness centre which includes a pool, gym, spa and access to lovely, landscaped gardens.

Invest with the ease of foreseeable returns and growth potential.

Beyond being a beautiful and attractive neighbourhood, Chelsea Creek stands out as a quality investment choice with its offerings. It’s equally as convenient as properties in Central London, yet provides more space, greenery and waterfront views.

With its key location and a growing rental market, Westwood House and The Imperial are definitely quality investments at an affordable price as compared to their neighbouring postal codes.

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