In this episode, Anna Ward, senior research analyst, talks to head of international residential research Kate Everett Allen and Lee Elliott, global head of occupier research, about the future of the office and residential across the world.

The absence of the office and the return to work was notable in Boris Johnson’s road map announcement. Since then, there have been divergent views about getting employees back into the workplace.

In the UK this week, Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey said he expected a more flexible hybrid model will permanently prevail. Magic circle law firm Freshfields have said its lawyers will be able work from home for up to 50% of the time in London and Manchester, but stressed this would be an interim approach, while Goldman Sachs has told its global workforce that they’ll back in the office full-time by the end of the summer.

So what does the global picture look like? And will London’s suburbs and commuter towns continue to benefit from housing more office workers?

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