One of The Best Investment Opportunities in Melbourne Yet

Designed for life, Flagstaff Hill is a 25-floor residential tower located West of Melbourne on 45 Dudley Street, and its city fringe location allows residents to enjoy a vibrant city lifestyle without having to be deep within the bustle of the city. A stunning addition to Melbourne’s city skyline, the development offers unparalleled connectivity to the best of the city centre, offering a modern and desirable lifestyle for all.

Here are some of the top reasons as to why Flagstaff Hill is one of the best investment opportunities in Melbourne, and why it should be on the top of every investor’s list.

1. Neighbourhood Rich in Culture and History

As one of Melbourne’s oldest public parks, Flagstaff Gardens is a well-loved botanical wonder nestled in the heart of the neighbourhood and has been a haven for nearby workers to wind down and relax.

Fig. 2: Flagstaff Gardens in 1840

Erected in 1840, it has historically been the beacon for communication between the harbour and town, with it being the city’s highest point at that time. It played a crucial part in shaping Melbourne’s well-sped growth and continues to present itself as a timeless landmark moving forward.

2. Strategically Located; Post-COVID

Understandably, residents of Melbourne have been re-evaluating their living preferences due to the increased time spent at home when COVID-19 hit the world hard.

One apparent shift in lifestyle is that homeowners are now opting for a more decentralised address, preferring to live in apartments that are strategically located along the fringe of the Central Business District (CBD), and it appears that this trend is here to stay.

Flagstaff Hill is ideally located along the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD – just 15-minutes away via public transportation to the main street of Melbourne’s business district, Bourke Street, and is within a 6-minute walk from the serene Flagstaff Garden. Ticking off most checkboxes, the development is a promising location for young professionals living in Melbourne.

Moving forward post-COVID, Flagstaff Hill remains as an attractive investment option.

3. Vibrant Amenities in the Vicinity

Flagstaff Hill offers unparalleled connectivity for most individuals looking to live in Melbourne; be it for students, working professionals, or individuals working from home. Its strategic location allows residents to enjoy the best of Melbourne without compromising on the quality of the neighbourhood, whether you’d like to meet up with friends at Flagstaff Gardens, study at renowned institutions at the University of Melbourne, or working in Melbourne’s bustling CBD.

The nearest mode of public transportation is Flagstaff station, located just 8-mins walk away from the development.

Iconic landmarks of Melbourne’s bustling city is within a clear reach from Flagstaff Hill, with Queen Victoria’s Market just a brisk 9 minutes’ walk away, the world-famous lanes of Flinders, Collins and Bourke Street just a 6-minutes’ drive away, and the stunning waterfront entertainment hub Docklands a 5-minutes’ drive away. Enjoy and experience one of the world’s most liveable cities with ease and convenience, with a plethora of world-class amenities within accessible reach.

4. Within Minutes Reach from Melbourne’s Tech Boom

Melbourne’s tech and start-up boom has been on the rise in recent years, where close-knitted start-up communities have started to garner the attention from names, big and small. The conducive environment has created a form of tech cum creative cluster, in tandem with other existing professions.

Numerous American tech companies have identified the city as an ideal location to set their Asia-Pacific headquarters, what with the supply of high-quality talents from Melbourne’s top university, as well as the conducive working hours of the city. In fact, we can expect a surge of foreign talent coming into Melbourne’s borders to support its tech boom, and this population growth would result in a higher demand of housing within an ideal location. Off the record, Melbourne’s very own ‘Silicon Yarra’ has been seen growing in two locations; the small enclave of Cremorne and also in the CBD along Swanston Street.

Fig.3: Slack Headquarters in Melbourne

Flagstaff Hill is positioned superbly from the tech boom, located on average just 22 minutes away from some of the biggest tech headquarters via public transportation. From the perspective of renters, the development poises as an attractive option in terms of lifestyle offerings and locality.

5. Strong Investment Option

The general outlook for Melbourne’s development is strong, with the city’s population growth estimated to grow at 2%, mainly consisting of young working professionals and students. In fact, Melbourne’s growth as a city is expected to surpass Sydney by 2030, all accounting from the shift of the economy towards technology.

In fact, the situation with Melbourne’s growing tech ecosystem has spurred a residential growth and gentrification occurring in the city’s inner north and west, suggesting that suburbs such as West Melbourne to shape the future of Melbourne’s office supply, which would eventually impact the demand of residential spaces within the precinct and positively affect capital values of residences within the neighbourhood (source).

6. Millennial’s Lifestyle & Identity

Melbourne’s new generation of workforce, the millennials, have been fuelling lifestyle trends in the city. In fact, they find that living and working in the fringe is as much as an amenity as is location and architecture (Source: Knight Frank).

Being situated in the fringe brings benefits in the form of forming a brand identity, and life in the fringe reflects a level of desirability and vibrancy that many are willing to pay a premium for. Flagstaff Hill is located perfectly along the fringe, just a 10-minute drive away from hip lanes such as Collingwood, and a 14-minute drive away from Richmond, arguably one of Melbourne’s hippest spots.

7. Organic and Outstanding Designs and Architecture

Flagstaff Hill’s architecture comprises of Podium, Tower and Crown, which skyscapes 25 floors into Melbourne’s stunning skyline. Its designs take advantage of the magnificent views of Flagstaff Gardens in the east, and the city to the east and south.

The interior design is also intrinsically crafter to capture Melbourne’s day and night. Continuing the narrative, the light palette adopts the sunny, lighter moods of Melbourne’s distinct seasons, with cloud-white acrylic features and complementing warm oak veneers for the joinery and grey tundra stone benchtops. The dark palette engages a more sophisticated duskier mood of Melbourne city at sunset. Black Japan veneers complemented with diamond black acrylic joinery with the grey tundra stone benchtops present a mood distinctively Melbourne.

Birds Eye View: Tower & Crown

Dark Theme (Left) and Light Theme (Right)

8. Trusted Developer, UAG

Since arriving from Singapore, the founder of UAG, Nicole Chow, has made significant contributions to Melbourne’s built environment since 1995. Each project’s team has been strategically cherry-picked to maintain a strong relationship with her design, construction and delivery teams to ensure that all finished products meet the standards that UAG demands.

Always committed to the excellence in design and the quality of projects, UAG’s core focus was always on crafting stunning luxury residences, often located in luxurious Bayside locations. Since then, UAG has had a diverse portfolio of building over 50 developments with a combined asset value of A$500 million. UAG’s deep understanding in the Australian market has allowed the company to be recognised as a developer that is synonymous with quality and luxury.

With an impressive portfolio including outstanding developments like North, Emblem and Armadale, UAG aims to widen its pipeline with projects in the USA, targeting the gateway city New York City.

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